Thursday, August 29, 2013

Introducing Kristin Gearhart - Graduate Assistant for the CDR

I graduated from MSU with my B.S. in Communication and the UndergraduateCertificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution.  Currently I am studying Mental Health Counseling at MSU to receive my master's degree.  After my master's program, I am going to receive training in coaching to use in life coaching.  I plan to use what I learn in my master's program and coaching training to develop my own technique of life coaching, and eventually my own company called "beautysoundgrace."
When I was an undergrad, it was really important to me to develop my skills as a communicator.  Pursuing the Certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution was a choice I made to make myself a well-rounded communicator.  Something I learned that I consider valuable from the program is that conflict is normal.  Society doesn't tell us that!  Conflict is normal and the certificate program educates a person in how to deal with it.

Since working at the CDR as a GA, what I think might surprise people to know is how involved I am.  Working here has been my first real-world professional experience, and my contribution matters.  Of the CDR’s programs, I work directly with the Victim Impact Panel (VIP) and help keep it running.  I also help organize data for trainings, theRPG program, and other administrative assistant duties.  The CDR reaches out to the community in so many ways, and being directly involved as a GA is an amazing opportunity to see first-hand the positive affects it makes in other’s lives.  I feel blessed to be here.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Girls Circle Training for Internship Students

We were fortunate to have a wonderful group of young women participate in our Circles for Girls training last night at the CDR. Many of these women are participating in this program as a part of their internship experience for the Certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution.

Janelle Thacker, a graduate assistant with the CDR and one of the evening's trainers, said that "...the night went so well! I enjoyed getting to know all the women who participated. They are all very promising facilitators who are excited to work with the youth in this program. I look forward to a great semester with them!"

The CDR is currently wrapping up two Girls Circle groups and will be starting several new groups in the next month. As always, we are pleased to be able to provide a program that meets the needs of youth while providing an invaluable experiential learning opportunity to University students.