Thursday, August 29, 2013

Introducing Kristin Gearhart - Graduate Assistant for the CDR

I graduated from MSU with my B.S. in Communication and the UndergraduateCertificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution.  Currently I am studying Mental Health Counseling at MSU to receive my master's degree.  After my master's program, I am going to receive training in coaching to use in life coaching.  I plan to use what I learn in my master's program and coaching training to develop my own technique of life coaching, and eventually my own company called "beautysoundgrace."
When I was an undergrad, it was really important to me to develop my skills as a communicator.  Pursuing the Certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution was a choice I made to make myself a well-rounded communicator.  Something I learned that I consider valuable from the program is that conflict is normal.  Society doesn't tell us that!  Conflict is normal and the certificate program educates a person in how to deal with it.

Since working at the CDR as a GA, what I think might surprise people to know is how involved I am.  Working here has been my first real-world professional experience, and my contribution matters.  Of the CDR’s programs, I work directly with the Victim Impact Panel (VIP) and help keep it running.  I also help organize data for trainings, theRPG program, and other administrative assistant duties.  The CDR reaches out to the community in so many ways, and being directly involved as a GA is an amazing opportunity to see first-hand the positive affects it makes in other’s lives.  I feel blessed to be here.

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