Thursday, October 17, 2013

“Circles for Girls” Begin in Area Middle Schools

This October the CDR began providing Circles for Girls groups for at-risk youth in four Springfield middle schools. These circles are facilitated by advanced students in the Certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution at Missouri State.

Circles for Girls is an 10 week educational group for young women. It brings together a group of 8-10 girls with trained facilitators to explore topics like communication skills, body image, healthy relationships, decision making, conflict resolution, and goal setting, among others. The program is designed to help girls realize their strengths, withstand social pressures, and maintain healthy relationships. Circles for Girls offer a fun, thoughtful, creative, and respectful experience for girls that challenges them to make positive changes for the future.

Circles for Girls are offered at Pipkin, Cherokee, Hickory, and Jarrett middle schools in Springfield. The program is an example of how the CDR upholds the public affairs mission of Missouri State University by providing high-impact community programs that meet pressing community needs while integrating students and providing them with opportunities for real-world applications of the knowledge they gain in their academic programs.

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