Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Next Victim-Impact Panel to be held in November

We will be holding our next Victim-Impact Panel for youth this November, and we are looking for volunteers to help facilitate the process. 

Unlike a traditional victim-impact panel program, wherein offenders sit passively in a large group during a presentation by victims, in this program small groups of youth are encouraged to have a personal dialogue with victim-presenters. The presenters are prepared in advance to “tell their stories” in an impactful way, and youth are assisted in developing questions to ask of the presenters. As a result a meaningful and engaging dialogue takes place, facilitated by program volunteers. Where in other contexts youth may be defensive or self-focused, the structure of this program moves youth away from this mindset, allowing them to empathize with victims and see the far-reaching impact that even “simple” crimes can have.

If you are interested in serving as a victim-presenter, or receiving training to help facilitate a panel, please contact us today!

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