Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Coaching Training Educates Participants in How to Help Others in Conflict

In January, 30 students and professionals attended Conflict Coaching Training, hosted by the CDR, with guest trainer Dr. Tricia Jones. Participants learned the Comprehensive Conflict Coaching model and how to adapt it to a variety of situations. They also explored how to integrate conflict coaching with other dispute resolution processes and how to develop strategies for evaluating the impact of conflict coaching for the individuals and organizations they serve.

Participants raved about Dr. Jones’ presentation style, as well as the content of the workshop:

· “I appreciated how specific the information was, and that if focused on specific skills. The model is applicable to so many situations and settings, which makes the training great!”
· “I needed and envisioned this to be a conflict resolution workshop. The concept of conflict coaching was new to me. I learned a great deal about strategies to attack conflict resolution, and I gained the ability to help others as well as myself!”
· “This was a great workshop. It was more than I thought it would be!”

We hope to bring Dr. Jones back to provide additional training, and we invite anyone who might be interested in attending conflict coaching in the future to join our mailing list or contact us at cdr@missouristate.edu.  

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